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Our Mission

Connect critical quantitative thinkers in the investment community by promoting practical applications of academically rigorous and innovative research.

About Us

Founded in 1965, The Society of Quantitative Analysts (SQA) is a not-for-profit organization that seeks to inspire and advocate innovative quantitative approaches in investing. We contribute to the integration of quantitative sciences and investment management. Our core values:


Champion multi-disciplinary, cutting-edge research with practical applications

We explore new ideas and innovations that have the potential to impact the work of quantitative investment professionals. These ideas may be drawn from financial as well as non-financial disciplines to inspire and be applied by practitioners.


Advocate respectful, constructive dialogue and debate

We ask questions, encourage debate, and challenge the established ways of thinking. We value respectful intellectual conversation and foster environments where ideas can be genuinely and constructively discussed.


Maintain independence

We are an independent, volunteer, and not-for-profit organization. The community is devoid of sales pitches, vendor trade shows, stealth consulting agreements and other conflicts of interest.


Foster diversity in quantitative investing

We value diversity of ideas, backgrounds, and approaches. We nurture the links between diverging quant communities and strive to represent quants of all backgrounds amongst our directors, members and speakers. The strength and reach of the SQA network is its biggest asset.

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