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Cutting Edge Innovation, Education & Networking

The Society of Quantitative Analysts is a not-for-profit organization that focuses on education and communication to support members of the quantitative investment practitioner community.

Join us for one of the upcoming events. Our events have high quality speakers presenting their latest research and are world class conferences.

Stay updated with SQA news! We post updates about SQA organization and the biggest news in the quantitative analysts world.

Meet your SQA leaders who strive to make SQA the nations top analysts organization.

SQA offers numerous membership programs. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us directly at or call



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Connect critical quantitative thinkers in the investment community by promoting practical applications of academically rigorous and innovative research.

Business Conference


SQA is a leader. The SQA attracts the best quants for the last 55 years, the best Nobel prize winners, founders of the best hedge funds. Our programming is high quality with a great network of professional investors, at the intersection of cutting-edge practice and academia.




The SQA is a community of professionals driven to further the field of quantitative finance. Looking back on my 20 plus years in quant finance, the connections I've made and information learned via SQA have been key to my career.

With the explosion of alternative data, ML and compute power, as well as the expansion of quant techniques across investment frequencies and into illiquid and frontier markets, from China and PE to VC and Crypto, being a quant today is much more multi-disciplinary than even 10 years ago. The SQA is the premier knowledge and networking hub for anything quant in investment.


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