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NEW SLATE of SQA Officers and Directors Announced!  Members, please review the proposed slate and submit any petitions for alternate slates prior to the April 25th deadline.  If no petitions are received, this proposed slate will be considered duly elected and take office July 1, 2014.

Upcoming Events

May 22, 2014 Fuzzy Day Conference

Having lived through the 2008 market crash and the economic downturn that spread around the world, we understand how devastating and far-reaching the consequences of systemic risk and the bursting of a bubble can be. To explore this important issue, Society of Quantitative Analysts announces its “Fuzzy Day” conference on Systemic Risk, Financial Bubbles & Monetary Policy.

Join us to hear renowned academics and practitioners explore unique perspectives to help understand the deeper issues - agent based models and neuroscience explanations for human behaviour, financial innovation and regulation.  Presenters include Richard Bookstaber (Dept of Treasury), Andrew Lo (MIT), Jose Scheinkman (Columbia), Tanju Yorulmazer (Federal Reserve Bank-NY), Edward Hida (Deloitte)…interact and network with your peers on May 22 in mid-town Manhattan!

Follow these links for full details on each of the speakers and their presentations.  Please share this FLYER with your colleagues!

Early Registration Rates:
(through 5/12/14)
$350 SQA Professional, Academic, and Transitional Members
$125 SQA Student Members
$425 Members of partner societies (listed below)
$525 Non-members

Non-members may join the SQA ($200/annually) during registration, and receive the SQA member rate for this conference and future SQA events.

Professional discounts available to members of the following partner societies: CQA, GARP, IAQF, London Quant Group, NYSSA, PRMIA Sustaining, QWAFAFEW, and Q Group.

This event is approved by the CFA Institute for 5.0 CE Credits and by GARP for 4.0 credits.

A continental breakfast and lunch are included in the registration fee.  The exact order and timing of presentations is subject to change without notice.

June 12, 2014 Joint CQA/SQA Trading Seminar.

June 23, 2014: Annual Meeting of SQA Members - Beer Bar in the MetLife building (Grand Central) at 6:00pm


OTHER EVENTS OF INTEREST for quants and other finance professionals may be found here.  If you know of a great conference that is not listed here, please let us know!

Many SQA program and conference speakers have also published their work in book form, and we recommend the following:


Visit www.nyssa.org for information on other educational programs of interest, and to thank them for helping to spread the word about SQA conferences and events.



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