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Some notable SQA speakers include:


Robert Merton (Nobel Laureate)

Steve Ross

Myron Scholes (Nobel Laureate)

Harry Markowitz (Nobel Laureate)

Eugene Fama (Nobel Laureate)

Fisher Black

Jack Treynor 

Stewart Meyers 

Benoit Mandelbrot

Rolf Banz

David E Shaw

Arno Penzias (Nobel Laureate)

Mitchell Feigenbaum

Robert Engle (Nobel Laureate)

Robert Shiller (Nobel Laureate)



The SQA has had an impressive history, playing an important role for financial analysts, since the birth of computer driven quantitative finance in the 60s to today. It has provided a forum for interactions between practitioners trying to apply leading research and leading academics creating that research. It has been a place for practitioners to exchange ideas with other competitor practitioners, in circumstances where this is generally not possible.  And importantly,it has been an organization through which younger analysts can learn, network and gain valuable experience for the careers as quantitative analysts. 

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